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Original + Custom 1975 through 1985 Mercedes Diesels, including 300 TD, 300 CD, 300 D and 240 D
Our team can build you a zero time car, or you can pick from one of our already assembled cars.
We ship worldwide.
The cars are fitted with special devices that allow them to run on several alternative fuels, like vegetable oil, peanut oil, corn oil or biodiesel.
Using these fuels cut CO2 emissions by 50 % or more.
Mercedes Diesels have archieved between 30 to 40 miles per gallon, with pollutant levels on par with hybrid automobiles.
Why settle for a hybrid car that is built like a cracker box, and spend twice the money, when you can own the car that made Mercedes famous!
A car that is in the “Guinness World Records Book”
Mercedes Hybrid diesels
These Mercedes Diesels will give you:
• High milage
• Less pollutants
• Durability, reliability, safety
• Multiple fuel usage
• Extremely low fuel cost
Remember, fuel for these cars can be as close as your nearest Mc Donalds, Burger King or fast food restaurant!
When gasoline gets to 10/gal, these cars will be worth their weight in Gold!
Already prices are going up faster than most bank accounts!
Our cars are rebuilt from the ground up and all parts are original Mercedes.
Also ask about our extensive supply of parts. Rebuilt engines and transmissions are also available.

Call for information.
phone: 352-222-1692


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